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Bazaar Express: Major breakthrough in case of boating hit-and-run, what’s on TV tonight, Jen Psaki ‘s whopping lie, the latest in Gaza, Eric Adams shamefully is trying to cut NYC ‘s HIV-fighting funds, plus more top stories this evening

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. Before we begin, we have a message for our community in New York City. Eric Adams is trying to cut funding for HIV-programs that help HIV positive people live comfortable healthy lives. This is not ok.


According to ABC News, authorities in Florida have located the boat believed to have struck and killed ballerina Ella Adler, 15.

The Highlights:

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

The Courier on Netflix.

An international journey turns deadly after a man finds himself illegally transporting 1.5m euros from Spain to China. In a race to stay alive, he must navigate to China while avoiding detection.

2. The latest in Gaza

3. Eric Adams is at it again and people are not thrilled


NYC Mayor Eric Adams in his widely panned/criticized budget-cut crusade reportedly wants to cut funds to a program meant to help HIV-positive people keep their viral loads low. This is grotesque because patients deserve access to the programs and care that they need to live full and long lives like everyone else.

According to the department responsible for the program, some $5.3m in cuts are coming to the program as a whole.

4. Jen Psaki ‘s whopping lie uncovered in her new book

You sort of have to see this to believe that she actually lied about something that was photographed.

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