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The Afternoon: Gaetz ramps up threats to oust McCarthy, the GOP is internally imploding, LA cities are fighting back against bail reform, plus what’s on Netflix this chill Sunday

Gather round folks Sunday’s afternoon wire is here. Tonight’s Netflix recommendation may not be suitable for all audiences. It is a socially terrifying idea of what technology can allow big pharma to do if big pharma were ever to get its hands on truly life altering technology.

1. Following reports of a temp bill to avert a government shutdown, far-right Rep Matt Gaetz is still pushing to oust McCarthy.

As promised, Rep Matt Gaetz appears to be prepared to follow through with his threatened effort to force McCarthy out. Gaetz had previously suggested that any deal with the Democrats would trigger a motion to vacate the speaker’s chair. However, some moderate Republicans and those who did work with Democrats are calling foul on many of Gaetz’s threats. In the funding bill, there was no funding for Ukraine but many other clauses the GOP demanded be removed ultimately stayed.

2. House GOP members are imploding and now facing a vote to expel Matt Gaetz over his efforts go remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

A new effort by some Republicans to oust Matt Gaetz from the House is picking up steam. That effort stems from an ethics investigation into Gaetz conduct over the years some of which include sexual assault allegations. Some Republicans are pushing forth that if he is found to have done wrong — he should be expelled. Gaetz on his part has maintained his innocent although the investigation remains compelling.

3. At least 12 Los Angeles cities have filed suit against the area’s bail reform law that some say is a bad idea.

Several cities in Los Angeles have had enough. According to reports, officials cited in their lawsuit that the bail reform law to take effect today — would have dire consequences for public safety. In recent months, several smash-and-grabs have made headlines some of them in California. Some residents blame Gavin Newsom’s ever-changing policy on crime, others, point to alleged bad actors and looters. The suit seeks to halt the bail reform law entirely in the areas.

“There is and has been grave public concern regarding public safety in light of reduced enforcement and criminal consequences for various categories of `low-level’ offenses that, despite the nomenclature, have profound and significant impacts on the day-to-day life of whole communities of plaintiff cities and others within the county,” the municipalities argue in court papers.

4. What’s on Netflix tonight?

Alright, folks we’re always geeked for a good sci-fi ‘thriller.’ ‘Paradise’ Don’t Let the Name Fool You is a sci-fi-ish thriller about big pharma finally getting its hands on the ability for humans to essentially look young forever. The consequences of this are profound for mankind. Paradise begs the question what is the price you’d be willing to pay to all but live forever?

Rating: Predictable at times but absolutely a good watch.

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