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The Morning: Trump found to have committed fraud in NY, New Yorkers are being told to go upstate to make way for illegals and asylum seekers, plus soldier who bolted into unknown North Korea to be deported

Good morning everyone, let’s gather round and get to it happy Wednesday.

1. Donald Trump is going to trial along with his company and two adult sons over their fraudulent behavior in New York.

According to a ruling out of the Letitia James case against the Trump clan, a judge has indeed found that they committed fraud over several years. These fraudulent actions allegedly include falsified documents; lying about their wealth, and lying to banks and financial institutions so they could get things like favorable terms on loans they had no right to get. It now means that a trial is expected.

2. New York City is telling its people to beat it and move out of the boroughs so that they can make way for illegals and legitimate asylum seekers. But there’s a few caveats.

New York City has something called the CITYFHEPS program which allows people to pay about 30% of their income towards their rent. Some people are pointing out that this should’ve been done years ago but here it goes.

On Tuesday, city officials announced that people who have these vouchers can now use them anywhere in the state and not just in the boroughs. Now, that’s a good thing but many are wondering why it took the arrival of illegal entries to the United States for the city to approve something as simple as allowing vouchers to be used anywhere.

The city’s shelter system is so overwhelmed people are being given vouchers and told to move so the illegal entries have space inside. One of those shelters, the Roosevelt Hotel, they are quite literally sleeping on the floor.

3. The infamous American soldier Travis King who bolted into the unknown country of North Korea is to be deported two months after illegally crossing into one of the scariest countries on earth.

According to state-run media in North Korea, the 23-year-old soldier Travis King who bolted into North Korea earlier this year is set to be deported from North Korea but it is unclear where they intend to send him. Yonhap reports that officials confirmed he would be removed from the country but provided no additional details.

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