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Jeffrey Dahmer with veneers has been accused of lying again

South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, the dog killer, is back in the headlines this weekend amid claims that there are even more embellishments in her memoir No Going Back. Due to the rising number of discrepancies, Bazaar Daily has decided against hyperlinking to the book.

The Lowdown

France’s Elysse Palace is the latest to come out against Noem’s now widely panned No Going Back which has been littered with everything from outright lies to a bizarre story about murdering her dog and then using said story to sell books. According to The Guardian, French officials have denied that Noem ever met with French President Emmanuel Macron.

In the disputed passage, Noem references alleged comments made by Macron about Israel’s war in Gaza and the displacement of millions of people as a result. The passage outright claims that Macron and Noem had intended to meet following ‘pro-Hamas’ comments made by Macron. Alleged, of course, because according to the same report, the meeting was never planned, and they had not invited her there.

It’s the latest blow for the dishonest governor who also lied about meeting Kim Jong Un and of course the story about murdering her own dog cricket twenty years ago.

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