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Judge Judy is suing the National Enquirer over a story it previously printed claiming she had sought to help save the Menendez Brothers

TV’s Judge Judy is headed to the courtroom herself. According to reports, the longtime TV judge is suing the Enquirer over a previously debunked claim involving Judge Judy and none other than the Menendez Brothers.

The Lowdown

According to The Daily Mail, a lawsuit has been filed in Florida on behalf of U.S T.V Judge Judy over claims that a National Enquirer story intentionally sought to damage her. In the documents seen by the outlet, Judy claims that the National Enquirer which has seen several scandals in recent years, intentionally published stories falsely claiming that she had set out to help the Menendez brothers 35 years after their infamous murder trial.

The Menendez Brothers were convicted in the salacious murders of their parents who were found dead in the den of their Beverly Hills mansion in 1989.

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