The Morning: The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh is bleak, GOP debate went off the rails again, Trump ‘s deception in Michigan reached a new height, plus why American ‘s should check out StellarFi

Good morning and welcome to Thursday everyone. Today’s morning newsletter is a tad sad and we send our prayers and virtual hugs to those suffering because of the actions in Nagorno-Karabakh.

  1. More than half of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh has fled the area following the violent assault that took place on the region earlier this month. According to official numbers, about 66,500 people have fled across the border into nearby Armenia. Some of these people are suffering from injuries among other health issues as a result of the ongoing crisis. The region ‘s separatist government is expected to completely dissolve itself as part of an agreement between the entity and the attackers from Azerbaijan.

2. Alright friends in America this one is for you and no we did not get paid to write this. Recently, we stumbled upon something called StellarFi. StellarFi is essentially a credit service that provides a line of credit that otherwise transfers your everyday purchases and bills ‘into a line of credit’ that in turn appears on your credit report. Yes, that means your Netflix purchases; movies, your Verizon bill, among pretty much anything else can be added to this credit line. It does not specifically list what you’ve bought under the credit line only that you’ve been extended a credit line by StellarFi. If you’re after a cheap and easy way to improve your credit score and avoid paying hundreds of dollars to sketchy ‘credit repair services’ this might be for you.

This is not like a credit card where you are given an unsecured amount of money. StellarFi links to your bank account and pays your bills for you via your virtual credit line. In turn, they report your credit line to each of the credit bureaus. Your own money is used to do this. You are by default given a $500 credit line.


Full disclosure: compared to so ‘called credit repair’ services StellarFi runs about $10 for a $500 credit line that can be used on pretty much anything (but the trick is that instead of you being given money you don’t have you are using your own money to do this from your attached bank account.)

3. The next round of the GOP debate got off to an… awkward start..


4. Folks about that Trump appearance in Michigan. Before you watch this video, please understand that this was not a unionized plant despite Trump ‘s efforts to deceive the public.

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