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There’s Elon we mean evil in the world and then there’s this kind of evil. A man at a Houston area medical centre is in jail this week after being caught urinating in a woman’s water bottle which in turn reportedly gave her an incurable STD. According to court docs obtained by KHOU.

Like most people, the woman is understood to have brought a water bottle with her to work that she would leave on her desk if she didn’t finish it all in one day. The cause? The water fountain at work itself had started to taste funny some weeks ago which triggered her to take action. After a while though, her own water bottle also started to taste funny and she couldn’t figure out why.. until she did.

Lucio Catarino Diaz mugshot
Custodian Lucio Catarino Diaz admitted to police that he had urinated in the woman’s water bottle. The pervert was brought down after the woman told her co-workers only to discover it happened to others also which in turn caused her to set up a hidden camera.

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