Good Morning: Pyongyang finally addresses the soldier that bolted over the border, the latest on the scandal surrounding The Blind Side movie, checking in on Maui, plus Rudy Guiliani’s financial nightmare has finally begun

Howdy folks Merry Wednesday to you all as we get started on this morning’s trending stories. As always have a great day and remember it costs nothing to be kind to the person next to you.

  1. Pyongyang is finally talking weeks after that infamous U.S soldier bolted over the protected border it shares with South Korea.

Several weeks ago, a U.S. soldier named Travis King bolted over the border between North and South Korea all but sparking a diplomatic crisis. With his presence in North Korea, the North Koreans are now in possession of a military soldier and it is unclear when or if they will return him. According to the secretive government, the soldier claimed to authorities that he fled and ran over the border because he was ‘disillusioned’ with the estate of America and had experienced racism.

2. Remember The Blind Side? You probably didn’t see this coming.

In court documents filed earlier this week, former NFLer Michael Oher claimed in a pair of wild claims that his adopted family is nothing more than a fraud. Coher claimed in the documents that his family the Yuohy ‘s tricked him into thinking he was being adopted when he says they were actually having him sign his life away and into a conservatorship. At the time, he was very young and said he did not understand what they were asking him to do.

Oher further claims that Leigh Anne Tuohy and her husband Sean allegedly waited until he turned 18 and then handed him the paperwork. The paperwork allowed the family to inherit all of his doings and essentially control everything including his finances. They were able to ‘sign deals and other things’ in Oher’s name and he had no idea.

The family has since responded to the claims by claiming that they are victims of a $15m shakedown attempt.

3. A friendly reminder to report real estate agents and the like trying to buyup land; always leave resources for locals, and of course only donate to verified charities so monies are actually going to relief efforts.

4. Rudy Guiliani ‘s financial woes are only just beginning (again)

Disgraced fallen lawyer Rudy Guiliani is among those charged in the sprawling Georgia indictment threatening to bring down Donald Trump once and for all. With the new indictment against Rudy, he is facing significant financial issues as he has all but reportedly run out of cash. Vanity Fair has laid out his extensive and growing financial problems partially brought on by his mile-long list of legal issues.

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