Start your Day: Trump on the hook for sexual abuse, a Reality TV divorce, plus a Utah mom’s dark secret unravels

Good morning it is Wednesday 10 May 2023 and we’re checking in for your AM Mix newsletter. The UK version of this newsletter will follow in publication right after.

  1. A New York City jury has found Donald Trump to be on the hook for sexual abuse.

In the case of the 1996 claim that Donald Trump sexually assaulted author E Jean Carroll in a department store changing room a verdict has been reached. Yesterday, it was read out that Trump is on the hoook for $5m in damages plus a retraction for a number of claims he made about Carroll online. Neither Trump nor Carroll responded to requests for comment.

2. Reality TV star Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are divorcing amid ongoing financiall battles that are threatening to ruin everything.

US reality star Kim Zolciak filed for divorce from her ex-sportsman husband Kroy Biermann. After 11 years of marriage, the two are splitting up amid a financial batte that threatens to uproot anything they’ve ever known. In recent years, the couple has financially struggled after a series of poor purchases. The couple owes the IRS alone more than $1m in unpaid taxes.

3. George Santos is poised to be arrested after being hit with numerous federal charges.

Prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York have charged George Santos. While it isn’t immediately clear what the charges exactly are, Santos has recently been under scrutiny for falsifying parts of campaign finance documents. A few weeks back, it emerged that theree were a number of glaring holes in Santos ‘s campaign finance records that caught the attention of the feds.

4. A Utah Mom turned author apparently did more than write a book according to prosecutors

Kouri Richins had it all. A family; a successful book, and a fun life. A life that apparently hid a dark secret from those in said life and now prosecutors aree trying to put her away. According to prosecutors, Richins despite her previous denials is responsible for the murder of her own husband. Weirdly enough, prosecutors say Richins wrote a book about grief for her children only to actually have been responsible for the very grief they were now experiencing. Arrested on Monday she is charged with aggravatd first degree murder in the death of Eric Richins, at their home on Willow Court in Kamas on March 4, 2022, KUTV reported,

5. Aiing Sen Dianne Feinstein is returning to work.

According to reports, CA ‘s Dianne Feinstein is set to return to work aftr a months-long extended absence over prolongd health issus. Feinstein an older member of the Senate refuses to step down eveen in the name of bowing out in good grace.

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