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AM Mix: Shakeup in Finland as Marin loses the election, an explosion rocks Russian cafe, plus if you use this shopping app *delete it immediately*

It’s Monday morning everyone welcome to AM Mix. In this morning newsletter, we’re rewinding events from overnight and more.

Attention: This AM Mix edition contains an important notice about a Chinese-owned shopping app that is spying on its users. Click here to read more.

  1. Finnish PM Sanna Marin has lost her bid for re-election paving the way for the far-right to make some gains.

Sanna Marin (who was one the world’s youngest PM) has lost her bid for re-election giving a major boost to the country’s far-right. Marin had previously fallen under intense criticism for her ‘partying’ and excessive spending in the country. The National Coalition Party won with around 97.7% of the votes counted, coming out on top at 20.7%.

TUNE IN: On Tuesday, Donald Trump is turning himself in on numerous charges in New York City. You’ll be able to follow along as we cover the story live beginning Tuesday at 1pm.

2. A travel advisory has been issued for parts of Africa after a Marburg virus outbreak appeared.

US CD officials are working closely with authorities in Guinea and Tanzania this week amid a further outbreak of what is known as the Marburg virus. The Marburg virus is described as a virus that makes people bleed from their eyes in the most severe cases. The virus according to the World Health Organization has a death rate of about 20 to 90 percent in cases. Other symptoms include fever, sore throat, rash, stomach pain, bloody nose or gums, and random bruising. Travellers have been advised to adhere to strict caution in these two countries and to report any symptoms to local authorities.

3. Russia is irate over the death of aa a popular military blogger following an explosion at a local cafe

Russia is up in arms following the death of Vladlen Tatarsky. Tatarsky was a popular military blogger in the country often aligned with that of Vladamir Putin. Officials claim that an explosion hit a cafe on the river bank of the Nera River. From there, Russian media reports that he was handed a box by a woman that had asked him some questions before it later blew up. Officials say that a bust of his persons was inside that later exploded. Russia is blaming Ukraine and Ukraine is blaming Russia.

4. A WSJ reporter was essentially abducted by Raussian authorities over false claims that he was spying. [Update]

US officials are still tackling the issue of Evan Gershkovich. Gershkovich was abducted by Russian authorities on trumped-up charges that he was spying. Gershkovich was at the time reportedly digging into Russia ‘s Wagner Group — the terroristic mercenary group aiding Putin ‘s war. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is understood to be pushing for his release, although it is unclear if Russian authorities are cooperating.

5. And now an update on protecting your devices and other information while online.

According to several reports, it has been discovered that a popular Chinese shopping app appears to contain quite a few bits of malware. CNN has uncovered with the help of cybersecurity experts that the app appears to be able to bypass a user’s security settings on their mobile device. Yes, this means that the app is essentially spying on its users and collecting data outside of the app. This means that if you are in China right now, you should probably reconsider this app and shop elsewhere. Your data is not safe.

The app called Pinduoduo is one of China’s most popular shopping apps that serves up physical items and also groceries. But with the discovery of cybersecurity efforts, users should take extra precautions using the app going forward.

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