Good Morning: RFK Jr is back again proving he’s as unserious as ever, Trump ‘s staring down the barrel of a RICO charge, plus Monday ‘s TV recommendation

Good morning everyone grab that latte and let’s check-in for the morning on your way to work. Today’s words of wisdom are fairly simple. We should all learn to be a bit kinder to the next person but kindness isn’t something that means automatically that someone or something will forget what someone or something did to them. A wise person once said you can forgive but don’t forget.

  1. RFK Jr as expected is already doing a 180 after brazenly declaring that he would sign a federal abortion ban if elected.

Keeping with GOP contenders, RFK Jr has made it clear that if he (though a longshot) were ever to be elected he would further willingly trample on the right of an adult woman to make decisions for herself.

2. It’s time. Fani Willis is expected to present her case against Donald Trump this week and in it are a reported number of legal surprises coming that are expected to be the strongest against Trump yet. According to reports, Willis ‘s office is expected to use Georgia ‘s RICO law against Donald Trump and a host of his allies.

It is widely expected this week that Fulton County DA Fani Willis and her team of legal superhero are expected to present their case against Donald Trump and company this week. Reports over the weekend suggest that Donald Trump is facing his most serious charges yet, including a reported RICO charge by the same office. Trump on his part has been stepping up the attacks on Willis in anticipation of the charges being announced. Trump and numerous alies are all looking at a RICO charge.

3. We’re launching a new column dedicated to climate change. Listne foks we know it’s not the most exciting thing out there, but we live on this floating rock in space that for more reasons than one decided to have this thing called mother nature.

We just feel it’s pretty important that as many people as possible are aware of what’s going on inside this rock that we live on in the middle of space that is reaching its ‘boiling point.’

TV Recommendation: Tonight we’re watching Ginny & Georgia on Netflix.

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