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ICYMI: 5 events from this week that you may have missed but probably should still know about (because America after all)

‘ICYMI’ which if you missed it stands for In Case You Missed It revisits some of the week’s biggest events and scandals in the United States.

  1. A TN hospital is facing heavy heat and an investigation after turning over the medical records of transgender patients without actual consent.

Vanderbilt Univeresity Medical Centre is the subject of a federal civil rights investigation and for good reason. According to the AP, the centre illegally turned over the medical records of two transgender patients without their consent. Tennessee is one of many places that are hostile to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

2. AI is back in the news again this time after an author discovered that Amazon was selling dozens of fake books with her name on them but they did not come from her.

Author Jane Friedman is the latest author to come to terms with the abuse that AI is helping proliferate. According to the New York Times, Friedman recently found herself in the midst of a back-and-forth between herself and Amazon after discovering the site was selling AI-generated fake books that did not actually come from her. It is the latest and one of many examples of the grotesque abuse at the hands of artificial intelligence which is expected to only get worse as it gets more advanced.

3. The judge presiding over Donald Trump ‘s case has placed restrictions on what he can share with the public amid fears he will attempt to intimidate witnesses in the ongoing case against him.

This week Donald Trump was dealt a new blow in the federal case against him involving those classified documents. The judge is notably a Black woman (which Trump heavily dislikes) ruled that he must keep it hush on certain details about the case or else. It comes amid growing fears that Trump will attempt to intimidate people helping to assist or gather information in the case. Not even days after the ruling, Trump violated the order by posting yet another harassing message online.

4. Despite GOP efforts to turn U.S schools into fascist behavioral camps, millions of students just aren’t showing up anymore across the country.

A new study by the AP has put a dent in some political efforts to make schools in America more like detention camps rather than places of education.

5. Dear people far-and-wide please wake up. Please ask the right questions. Apply critical thinking. Why? More people than ever before are losing massive amounts of cash to scammers. The AP has compiled a great guide to keep yourself safe amid the rise in scams and how different they seem to get with each one.

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