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Innovation with PCB Design Software Excels

If you are a designer and you browse the internet looking for new design software, then you will be overwhelmed with the choice. As our electronics industry grows at a significant rate so has the design elements of this. If you think back to 10 years ago and what size a typical circuit board was and compare it to one now. The ones manufactured today are tiny and have so much capacity to do many different things. This is a massive shift in this marketplace and very good for customers but very challenging for the designers.

There is a lot of autoroute software that has put the designer’s needs at the heart of their software development including simulations, larger space, advanced tools and other error proofing advances. Here are some of those specifics that you should look out for in a modern package.

Integration and Simplicity

A designer wants to have as little hassle as possible when designing a circuit board or similar item. The last thing they want is to be downloading other applications or transferring data. Generally, most modern software allows you to work from start to finish without the need of downloading or adding in other items. This is clearly a lot more efficient for the designer. The space that a designer needs can also differ depending on whether or not he is looking to store just a few items or has a larger company that will store lots. The more modern software has a lot more storage space available but be sure to check this out in advance to ensure it fits with your needs.

Running Simulations of your Component / Assembly

There are many opportunities for designers to make mistakes with PCB and as time advances and they are doing so much more in confined spaces the error risk increases. There are only so many pro-active things that a designer can do in this regards which can include a robust FMEA however on the software itself, modern ones will allow you to run simulations. This can be completed in either a component level or when you have brought it all together at an assembly level. If for whatever reason there is an error in the design the simulations should pick this up (although it may not pick up everything) and highlight the specific issue to you. Without doing the simulation you run a great risk of delivering a design to a customer that when they go to manufacture is not fit for purpose and they could manufacture a sub-standard component.

Advanced Tools

  1. The tools on the new innovative PCB design software is changing constantly, however, there are some basic modern tools that really do help with efficiency and effectiveness. This includes things such as using different views to design and view your component or assemblies. Modern software will allow you to switch from 2D to 3D at a click of a button. Updates for software is also generally available to do online at no extra cost.

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