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The Close Up: Shocking allegations rock Jamie Spears, America begins its withdrawal, vaccinations fall

Last updated on 2021-05-01

The Close Up is our evening American newsletter to catch our American friends up on the days biggest headlines. This 2nd edition is brought to you in part by Luxe Fashion.

  1. America is set to begin its withdrawal from Afghanistan tomorrow.

As expected, America is finally poised to begin its withdrawal from Afghanistan tomorrow as the reign of terror it helped plot comes to an end. The Biden Administration previously promised to begin pulling troops out on 1 May. Biden also previously noted that the war on terror ended more than a decade ago, but, failed to explain why the Americans then remained if there was no major active threat. Al-Qaeda has largely fallen influence wise over the years.

2. America is struggling to vaccinate the rest of its citizens.

While more than 100m have already gotten their jabs, the other half of America, is still flirting with the idea. Whle vaccines help prevent the virus, many may still rightfully fearful of the vaccine given the fact that Johnson & Johnson royally messed up its own vaccine. One should not blame people for having questions about a vaccine ordinary folks don’t know much about. But you should still get it and ask plenty of questions while doing so.

3. If you previously got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and were dizzy afterwards, the CDC now claims to know why that happened.

The CDC is now claiming that people that had adverse reactions to the J&J vaccine were actually experiencing bouts of anxiety. Thought it is unclear if that relates to the handful of reported blood clots that occurred in some as a result of the vaccine (as many reports previously indicated.) You can read more about the claim by clicking here.

4. U.S Senator Manchin may end up killing the effort to make D.C a state.

While a controversial figure himself his latest controversial opinion may tank an important effort by Democrats. Democrats are aiming to turn DC into the 51st state though Republicans strongly oppose the effort. Manchin has indicated that he will not support the effort despite overwhelming Democratic support for the effort.

5. Madame Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to chair the National Space Agency.

VP Harris is expected to announce that she will chair the National Space Council against the backdrop of potentially life changing secrets being revealed in a state-sponsored report in June.

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