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1. US President Joe Biden led the first set of women to stand together behind the Congressional podium.

Last night at Biden’s Congressional address, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Madame Vice President Kamala Harris became the first women ever to stand together behind the podium.

It is a monumental moment for America considering the country has largely been ruled by old white women for centuries. Many are viewing Madame Vice President’s presence as a turning point for America.

2. Police in Louisville Kentucky are now under federal investigation for police brutality.

Biden’s DOJ announced in the previous days that Louisville police and its department are under investigation for police negligence following a series of Black murders around the country. In their city, Breonna Taylor was wrongfully slain by police in her home while they executed a no knock warrant on the wrong home.

3. Derek Chauvin may not have had an escape route either way.

According to multiple reports out Thursday, the DOJ was waiting in the shadows had Chauvin been found not guilty for the murder of George Floyd. DOJ officials ? were going to arrest him on federal hate crime charges anyway. It is unclear but it is likely that Chauvin will spend significant time behind bars if not close to the rest of his life if reports are accurate.

3.5 The two Georgia men, who are white, and killed Ahmaud Arbery have been charged with federal hate crimes for his murder.

Travis and Gregory Michael along with their neighbor pal will never see the light of day again. This week, the Department of Justice, announced that they’ve been charged with hate crime charges for the targeted murder of Arbery. They’re expected to likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

4. New York City is back and she’s ready to have fun.

Beginning 1 July, NYC is fully open for business. According to Bill De Blasio, the city ? is open for business starting that day. Restaurants and other venues will be open for full capacity once again. We’d like to remind people you should probably still exercise at least some caution considering you can still get COVID despite being vaccinated — and it is unclear how bad it may be.

5. GOPers are arguing that Biden’s people first plan is socialism ready in the waiting.

GOPers are keeping to their argument that Americans don’t deserve a chance at a good life especially considering the pandemic and all. Right wing politician Tim Scott, who now infamously declared that racism doesn’t exist, claimed in his rebuttal to Biden that racism doesn’t exist but somehow he’s the victim of discrimination over the colour of his skin.

Scott along with numerous others have argued that the plan believed to be worth trillions is a socialism handout. Those same Republicans have all failed to recognize the many corporate bailouts and tax cuts that the GOP handed the wealthy under Donald Trump. Handouts only seem to be a thing when they’re led by Democrats.

6. Biden is aiming to help negotiate drug prices.

Although his position is unclear, Biden made it clear that drug prices are too damn high in America.

7. Community college would be dramatically altered

Community college would be subsidized under Biden’s new plan as would college overall. Low to moderate income families would see some help along the way. This would in part be paid for a substantial raise in taxes against the rich — many of which who have enjoyed substantial profits during the pandemic while others suffered.

8. America rocked by another shooting

As the week comes to an end, we learn of yet another random shooting in the United States. ? This time in North Carolina — please see local reports for more information.

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