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America is trying to pass a bill that could dramatically change the lives of the elderly and disabled, it’s hitting roadblocks big time

GOPers in America have made one thing abundantly clear and that is the fact that they don’t want people to live better lives. According to the Huffington Post, Democrats and their spending bill which includews a monster boost to care for the elderly and the disabled are facing major hurdles. Among those hurdles are GOPers and Republicans who want to slash funding for such things in half.

Funding that could dramatically improve the lives of your loved ones; your neighbors, and most people you know who are disabled or in care. The services formally known as “home based community services” offer a vital lifeline to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to fully suffice in society on their own (whether due to age or disability.) That lifeline also often includes the basic right that these groups of people have the ability to thrive and live on their own in their own homes but with critical services they need to survive.

Initially the programme was set to have about $400B worth of financial increases to its funding schedule. That funding quite literally would and is poised to be a vital safety net to people who can’t function in society like people normally would.

But consider this it is both Republicans and conservative Democrats (who arguably, hence people like Manchin and Synema) could be confused for GOPers that are causing the hold up. Across the aisle, Democratic leaders are facing a road block over the price tag. Some Dems are arguing that the package is far too expensive and that certain concessions should be lifted from it to bring it down. Instead of finding a more appropriate budget loss, they’re willing to compromise the well being of everyday Americans who have given their entire lives to a system that just doesn’t care anymore.

Lots of the problem actually sits with services like Medicaid and such which if the bill passes would see a significant boost to its existence. Under the bill and its proposal, states would be given extra federal funds to boost community care and home programmes but only if they actually abide by certain conditions.

Under the slimmed down proposal, the program would only get roughly about $150B or so over the course of a ten year spending plan as aid out in the plan. Given that America has hundreds of millions of people including millions with common disabilities (even invisible ones) and elderly — that is a small check for so many people who need a common boost in their lives.

The bill would universally require that caregiver wages be increased to account for the rise in needs and additional useage of the programme.

As many have pointed out before, disabled and elderly Americans are among the hardest hit during the pandemic. Shoveling just $150B into the program would be a stab in the back for the common person and an ultimate sign that the government does not care about its people in any manner. Americans deserve safe; affordable, and accessible services including home and community care programmes for themselves and their loves ones.

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