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Washington has announced that President Biden and negotiators on both sides of the aisle are understood to have come to a debt limit deal to raise the debt ceiling. Right now, that stands at about $31.4T.

A new tentative deal in relation to America ‘s ‘debt ceiling’ has reportedly been reached. According to officials, negotiators on both sides of the aisle have reached an agreement with the White House. It does cap sending and keeps things flowing through about 2025. Of course, that means the next President will have to deal with the daunting task of fixing America’s debt problem. Reports suggest that the proposal to demand new work requirements for social safety programs remains a big sticking point.

But not is all well just yet. The debt deal must now clear McCarthy ‘s allies along with the Democratic controlled Senate. Washington is divided right now with R’s controlling the House and Ds controlling the Senate. The deal has to actually be finalized and fully completed by 5 June or America is knee deep in a bigger problem than anyone may have imagined.

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