A judge has blocked Texas ‘s restrictions on gender affirming care for most minors

Texas ‘s attempt at an outright ban on gender-affirming care for minors has been blocked at least for now. According to aa ruling by district judge Maria Cantu, the law will remain blocked for the foreseeable future while legal challenges play out.

Originally set to take flight on 1 September, Texas’s gender-affirming medical care ban has been temporarily struck down. In the ruling, Judge Cantu noted the ban would cause “the loss of access to safe, effective, and medically necessary treatment for transgender adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria.”

Also in the ruling, Cantu noted that the original legislation likely violates three different sections of th state’s own constitution. In one area of Texas ‘s constitution, it does in fact guarantee that parents have the right to decide what happens to their children… not the state.

The original law can be read below.

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