Big News: The White House is launching a major $40b project to beef up high-speed internet across America and many of its territories

At a time when it is almost impossible not to go online (especially now with the rise of working from home) high-speed internet access is mission-critical for millions. On Monday, WH aides released to reporters a series of memos kicking off the drive to beef up access and to promote Bidenomics against the backdrop of misinformation about the success of the U.S economy right now.

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“Bidenomics is rooted in the simple idea that we need to grow the economy from the middle out and the bottom up — not the top down,” White House senior advisers Anita Dunn and Mike Donilon wrote in the memo. “Implementing that economic vision and plan — and decisively turning the page on the era of trickle-down economics — has been the defining project of the Biden presidency.”

Biden is to begin touting the project in Chicago on Wednesday as the administration sets out to convince Americans young and old that he is the best man for the job again in 2024.

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