Pay Attention: Voters in Florida are about to deal a fatal blow to Ron DeSantis ‘s efforts to strip women of their right to an abortion

A new referendum attempt to alter Florida ‘s constitution has arrived courtesy of the abortion rights movement. According to reports, more than 911k people come together to sign a petition demanding that the right to an abortion be enshrined in the state’s official constitution.

Of course, the potential approval of this measure would have significant implications for DeSantis and the Florida GOP, who have consistently aimed to restrict women’s rights, particularly in terms of bodily autonomy. According to a report by The Tampa Bay Times, the group Floridians Protecting Freedom has gathered 911,102 valid signatures as of Friday, surpassing the required 891,523 signatures to initiate the process.

If passed and written into the constitution, it would automatically unravel the state’s draconian abortion ban.

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