United Auto Workers has gone on strike sparking the largest automotive workers strike in union history as thousands walkout

Big developments in the United States today as workers at the 3 biggest auto plants in the country have walked out of their jobs. Attempts to reach a suitable deal for unionized workers ultimately failed.

For the first time in history, all three major US automotive makers are going on strike. Ford; General Motors, and Stellantis have seen some 12,600 employees walk out of their jobs as the strike began today. According to UAW President Shain Fain via a Facebook Live broadcast, employees will be paid about $500 a week from the union’s $825m fund.

Thus is the first time all three have joined together to strike.

Here are UAW’s demands that are not being met (as of yet)

  1. Workers are demanding a 36% pay increase over a four-year contract term.
  2. Less use of temporary workers.
  3. A four day work week.
  4. Pension benefits for all employees
  5. Additional job protections include the right to strike when plants close.
  6. More paid time off.

No new negotiations are expected today but potential weekend talks are likely according to the same Facebook live video.

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