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EVERYBODY starring Dexter Phillip-Khane is an American stage production about a young “Everybody” who gets chosen by a game of lottery. Everybody struggles to find the meaning of life in a world where most would often be confused.    EVERYBODY is currently on-production run at Hunter College (Tuesday 9 April – 13).

In the second time we’ve visited Hunter College to critique a stage production, we, have found that Phillip-Khane remains one of the colleges’ break-out stars of the theater season.   In Everybody, produced by Brandon Jacob-Jenkins and Knude Adams,  Phillip-Khane dives deep into the emotions that most of us would feel trying to navigate life.

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Prompted by his own emotional struggles to find friends, Everybody, engages with friendship; kinship, and eventually the thought of death.  The particularly intricate presence of Everybody’s (‘desires’) in the form of ideas and thoughts (but were actually real people) made the play that more relatable.   Everybody sought desperately to seek out those who would accompany him to death.

The end cycle for life.  Perhaps our favorite part of the production was the fact that Everybody’s character managed in a sense to literally live his “dying man’s dream”.   Although difficult at times, he was often met with questionable and sometimes even harsh attitudes even with some against the idea of going with him.

Quite interestingly, it is literally death that brings the beginning of the play to life.  The opening sequence of the play seemed comparable to that of a made-for-T.V movie — considering the attention-grabbing dialogue leading into Everybody and his ideas being summoned to the stage.

Production Rating:  4 Stars

Editors note:  Evidently, Jacob-Jenkins is indeed one of the years breakout producers in the theater.   An excellent knack for rigging his scripts to thoroughly explore some of the most intricate and troubling sagas of our lives, he, managed to deliver on the one thing we as people struggle with most — the idea that potentially we could die alone.

Cast notes Spectacular job by the cast.    Everybody’s raw emotion brought the play to life, and, offered a rare glimpse into the idea that despite the often unusual social constructs around men — that a man like (“Everybody”) can appear to struggle to cope with life.    Two thumbs up to the cast,  bravo to Phillip-Khane, the stand out star of the show.


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