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I thought I’d share some of the conversations I’m Having during Black History Month. Facebook allows me to engage in almost any and every type of group and you would not believe the crap people say out of their mouths. Some things just shouldn’t be said. This one group,( I won’t mention the name because the administrator has not given me permission) had a blow out discussion about blacks killing more than whites. I was just there for the comments. I’ve learned to STFU when talking to people who are angry and stupid. Especially when they suffer from a combination of both.

In school I had to research a similar topic; rather I chose to research this topic because I didn’t think blacks killed more than whites.(I still don’t ) I paused for a second and thought did my reasoning come from the basis that I was black? Do black people kill more than white people? In the last couple days, based on the research that I’ve been doing, Noella Fe says, “That is a question that can’t be answered because the reports are inaccurate.

Why do I say that? If you read and you have read how the law was constructed you know two things,(or  should have at least recognized) White men were law. A lot of crimes they committed went unreported (especially if it was against a person of color and/or women) 2. People of color were falsely accused of many crimes even when proven innocent. History has not changed since that white woman lied on Emmet Till. Hmm. No offense but the truth is the truth, this fact has not changed, it has not been steered towards change and I don’t see change coming anytime soon.

I could easily report what so many other outlets report; a whole bunch of numbers that honestly don’t mean anything. The UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) is compiled thru the reporting of the police departments. I’m no scholar but if the police are killing people do we really trust them to report something as sensitive as black vs white accurately? The law was made by white men to protect white men and their “property” Law was no different from religion: made to control a people. Noella fe says, “Poor people and blacks, if you ask my 3 cents.” (rolls eyes)

What I see in media is that most black people commit crimes out of disparity. You see more in the media “black on black” crime, rarely do you see “white on white” crime. Please believe them white folks down in the sticks(slang for back woods of westbubble fuck) kill they neighbors all the same. You know why I didn’t waste time in giving you numbers, because none of those numbers reflect the white officers who kill black unarmed men…

I did find a source that you could look up if you like math and headaches.  Sally Kohn did an article where her findings showed that at 69%, white people killed more. Of course she was challenged but you can go to www.politifact.com, to read the article and Kohn’s findings. I have Netflix and YouTube as my source. DON’T JUDGE ME! (sticks tongue out)

The National Crime Victims Survey(NCVS) is another database that collects info on crime states. The difference between NCVS and UCR is that the data collected from the survey is directly from households and actual victims families. This includes crimes that haven’t even been reported to or/and by police.https://www.ucrdatatool.gov/twomeasures.cfm  

So how accurate can the information be. Think about gang members, or “family business” No body no murder right.

I just have too many questions, For instance do they count all these little white boys shooting up the schools? Sorry but not sorry, but umm I haven’t seen any reports of a black child shooting up his dam classmates. Ray Ray may be in a gang, but he aint shoot up the dam school. You know what I do see a lot of? BULLYING!  A lot of little black girls who are committing SUICIDE. Are we counting those murders? (They need to count those as murders! that’s a whole other post!)

Are we counting the murders that we know for a fact was committed by a white person or persons but no evidence so it’s a cold case. (NOT JUST WHITES KILLING BLACKS EITHER) Lord have mercy do y’all watch those cold case files? I’m just saying, more white men than black men on those damn documentaries. Doing the most heinous crimes ever! (grabs imaginary pearls)  Hell has any black men been caught eating people yet? (Shit far as I know black men have just in the past couple years gotten comfortable with eating the snatch, niggas ain’t eatin whole bodies where I’m from! Lmao! ok back to the content)

For me all of those databases don’t reflect the actual numbers for either race. The question might be asked, “Whose quicker to die by law enforcement? Or what race is quicker to be accused of crime? Or maybe who has a better chance of being let go before being charged with a murder. Murder is murder. However the law is tricky and so I have to believe the reports are just as tricky.

Noella Fe, may not be able to give you accurate answer to the question, DO BLACKS KILL MORE THAN WHITES; but unlike my opinion one thing is for sure; regardless of the story and or the person, Red is the same color that every victim bleeds regardless of race and the families shed the same tears as they mourn the loss of loved ones.

Noella Fe says, “It’s Black HIStory Month

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