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The Afternoon: Mexico is facing a severe water crisis, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Gaza, plus more top stories this afternoon

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of The Afternoon by Bazaar Express. Don’t look now but it appears to be a beautiful sunny Sunday in New York City today.

What’s on TV tonight?

It seems T.V is in full swing again folks. A while back we introduced you guys to Blood and Water on Netflix when it came out. Its been a few years at least but Season 4 is officially out and let’s just say it is spicy.

The latest in Gaza

Mexico is facing a severe water crisis, here’s what you need to know right now

According to reports, folks out in Mexico City are facing a severe water crisis among its 21m person population. The battle to save and conserve water has ignited strong issues among locals and politicians and in some instance have grown violent. NBC News reports that authorities have imposed continued rations on water amid the ongoing crisis.

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