The Afternoon: NY makes final move in fraud trial against Trump, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Gaza, plus more by us

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of The Afternoon.

Donald Trump is facing heat in New York that could bring the end to Trump as we know it.

– Letitia James has made a big move in the case against Trump. According to reports, the attorney general is asking now that The Trump Organization pay up more than $370m after the state found evidence of any more ill-gotten gains. It is the latest move against Trump alas she is also moving to ban him from real estate for the rest of his life.

National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre who has long put guns over human lives is resigning from the NRA.

In a shock announcement, the weapons dealer announced that he will be stepping back from the organization on the grounds of health concerns. It comes after several years of varying claims against LaPierre and a series of violent shootings that have left America struggling to come to terms with guns.

The AP reports that the following statement was released.

“With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA,” LaPierre said in a statement released by the organization. “I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization for most of my adult life, and I will never stop supporting the NRA and its fight to defend Second Amendment freedom. My passion for our cause burns as deeply as ever.”

– The latest in Gaza

For all the latest in Gaza go here.

The third batch of Epstein files is here.

29 more documents related to the dump have been released. In the new documents, most of which have to be reviewed before publication detail the lurid ways that Epstein managed to use his connections to the rich and powerful to abuse and lure young women to his island.

These will be discussed on Bazaar Daily in tonight’s edition of Bazaar Express. We want to make sure we are understanding the graphic details we are reading before publishing them and of course the who’s who of the accused.

– What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we are watching The Brother’s Sun on Netflix. About a man whose family is targeted by a mysterious enemy who must set out on a life or death mission to Los Angeles to protect his family before it is too late.

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