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UK to extend visas held by some Ukrainians for 1 year as Vladamir Putin’s unlawful war in Ukraine rages on

Fantastic news for Ukrainians who had to flee their homes in search of a new life over the war. According to Sky, officials have announced an extension on part of the original scheme that allowed such folks into the country to begin with.

The Lowdown

According to Sky, the visa which enabled Ukrainians access to ordinary UK life will now expire in 2026 instead of 2025. The extension is understood to apply to Homes for Ukraine, the Ukraine Family Scheme, the Ukraine Extension Scheme and Leave Outside. Folks will be able to apply to extend visas in these categories in the final three months of their present visa.

“This new visa extension scheme provides certainty and reassurance for Ukrainians in the UK on their future as this war continues, and we will continue to provide a safe haven for those fleeing the conflict,” officials announced per the Sky report.

“Families across the country have opened their homes and their hearts to the people of Ukraine, showing extraordinary generosity, including offering shelter to those fleeing from the horrors of war.”

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