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New reforms may force mentally ill or those with special needs to work from home or face benefit cuts under new plan by MPs

Amid ongoing financial talks across the government — a series of new reforms being proposed are certainly something our fellow people need to know about.

According to the government, a pair of changes being proposed to essentially welfare categorization are causing stiff debates among ministers. The changes of course are part of a larger government plan to make it much harder for people disabled or not to claim benefits of any kind.

The same reforms call for those with a history of self harm or otherwise related issues would see stiff penalties for failing to find work. As a whole the reforms are part of a previously proposed ‘back to work’ budget that first caught the attention of the public back in March.

Categorically, minister are attempting to ram through changes to the way they scale someone’s inability to work. Currently the two categories social interaction and mobility are two key ways the government goes through the process. Under the current system, people receiving benefits are not required to seek work or bother to even look for it if they are deemed to be unfit.

Some ministers are openly suggesting that with the rise of working from home — more people could return to the workforce. Presently, some 2.4m people are legally categorized as limited capability for work and work-related activity (LCWRA).

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