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J.K Rowling appears to have dared the police in Scotland to arrest her as new hate crime laws take effect

Rowling’s tirades against the trans-community have continued as of late and consequences may soon follow. According to reports, Scotland’s efforts to beef up its hate crime laws are taking effect and now Rowling appears to believe she may be in trouble.

The Lowdown

Scottish efforts to beef up regional hate crime laws have attracted the continued wrath of Harry Potter author J.K Rowling. According to Sky News, Rowling appears to believe she may be in trouble after appearing to ‘dare’ police in Scotland to arrest her over her many and continued troubling online posts.

The controversial author claims that the region’s attempt at beefing up its hate crimes is a ‘violation’ of free speech. She also maintains that the attempts aren’t extended to women the way they are to the intended demographics. Changes in the law now show that people can be investigated for things like misgendering someone online in Rowling’s case. Critics have long claimed that the author is transphobic however she maintains otherwise.

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