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Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of The Express. Today ‘s weather in New York City looks to be wet dreary and sort of dull dress accordingly.

  1. What’s on TV tonight

Tonight we’re screening Collateral on Netflix excellet British drama with a hint of espionage a crime syndicate and a dirty secret held by a military soldier spins out of control while bodies pile up. Stream it now on Netflix under British TV / Dramas.

2. The latest in Gaza

Warning: May be tough for some to watch.

3. US troops killed in Jordanian attack headed home for proper burial [ICYMI]

4. Singer Darius Rucker arrested on misdemeanor possession charge

According to reports, singer Darius Rucker was arrested this week in Tennesee on a simple possession charge. Reports indicate that it is not clear what substance he had on him, and has since been released on ten-thousand dollar bail.  The charges are simple possession/casual exchange and violation of registration law, per the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.

PLUS: How a fascinating find in Europe appears to rewrite known human history.

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