Bazaar First: Israel cuts off all Comms with Gaza and orders Gazans to leave, Blinken’s back again, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines this Friday morning

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday. Friday is finally here. Begin happy dance in kitchen while brewing coffee in T-minus 10 seconds.

1. Ivanka Ttump has lost her appeal to avoid testifying in the $250m lawsuit against the Trump family over their alleged fraudulent activity in NYC.

Ivanka Trump really really doesn’t want to testify at the trial of the year in New York. In New York, the Trump family is in trial for fraud by way of their namesake organization throughout the five boroughs. While Ivanka hasn’t been named as a defendant and doesn’t work in New York anymore — it is believed that she holds significant information that could be relevant to the case.

This was her original rebuttal:

“Ms. Trump, who resides in Florida with her three minor children, will suffer undue hardship if a stay is denied and she is required to testify at trial in New York in the middle of a school week, in a case she has already been dismissed from, before her appeal is heard,” her attorney argued in part in an appeal filed Thursday.

2. Billionaire Jeff Bezos is moving to Miami.

But outside of sunshine and fun beaches, many are wondering why Florida. In an Instagram post, Bezos ultimately revealed that he wants to be closer to his older parents.

3. Israel has ordered all workers from Gaza to leave the country as a result of the war.

Israel has announced that all foreign workers from Gaza must leave the country following Oct 7th. There are understood to be thousands of such workers in the country who had nothing to do with the war — but have now lost their jobs. Many Gazans depended on the much higher salary available to them in the country. Israel continues to dole out punishment in response to the war even to those who had nothing to do with the war.

It comes as Anthony Blinken is back in Israel in an effort to meet with the Israelis to pause the bloodshed so innocent people can leave the country.

This week Israel also ordered all communications with the enclave to be discontinued according to posts on X by the country’s Prime Minister.

4. What’s on TV tonight?

Cold Pursuit starting action icon Liam Neeson. Neeson stars as a loving father whose son passes away only to discover that his death wasn’t what it seems. Encountering a drug cartel, a race against time to save his loved ones means he must become a silent killer.

Rating: B-

5. Here’s how you can support relief efforts in Gaza.

Click here for more information.

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