Bazaar Express: Mexico’s lawsuit against American gunmakers to proceed, Biden and Harris hold first 2024 rally, Trump’s nomination now may be inevitable, what’s on tv tonight, plus more top headlines by The Express

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. A few words before we begin this morning — in the face of fascism the next way to fight back is at the ballot box. Take a look at Tom Keen who because of Florida voters flipped a red district Blue . Change is possible.

1. What’s on Tv tonight?

Tonight we are gathering around in the virtual screening room to watch Night Swim in theatres now.

2. Mexico’s $10B lawsuit against American gun manufacturers is set to proceed after all.

Mexico’s $10B lawsuit filed back in 2022 against American arms dealers (let’s call them what they are folks) has been green lit to proceed. This week according to the BBC, a lower court of appeals ruled that the suit can proceed after Mexico’s claims that U.S. guns helped lead to soaring violence in the country had validity after all. It is the latest nail in the coffin for the gun industry in America which is struggling amid many school shootings and other violence routinely throughout the United States.

3. American President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have held their first joint rally as the inevitable Democratic nominees for President and Vice President respectively.


4. Donald Trump’s nomination for President under the GOP party is all but inevitable. The world and people should probably begin preparing for the possibility of another Trump term and the erasure of America as many know it in the event he wins.

Donald Trump has won NH despite numerous voters falsely claiming that they’d vote for Nikki Haley. According to reports, Trump sailed to victory in the state with many on social media and other platforms that although Trump and chaos go hand in hand they still voted for him. Hours after the results were read, American TV host Rachel Maddow said it best they’re voting for this man not because of politics but because he’s selling these people strongman leadership a one and done deal.

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