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Readers Ask: How much can an Uber (or similar) driver earn in New York City?

BAZAAR INSIDER is as the name suggests an online column by Bazaar Daily where we explore common questions asked by our readers far-and-wide and sometimes right here locally in New York City (Insider is curated by the same folks who curate the Express newsletter.) In this edition, we’re going to explore the previously enacted minimum wage law for delivery drivers in the like throughout New York City.

First up — there seems to be some common misconceptions about said pay. New York City is very unique in this matter because the law that was passed last year is the first of its kind in the United States, which required that drivers and associated be paid at least $17.96 h/r or at least $.50 a minute while on the job. Prior to this, one could easily argue that Uber was paying people chump change and getting away with highway robbery.

This question was asked by a number of people after online discussion boards shown to Bazaar Insider appeared to contain some misinformation so we’re going to clear that up.

According to a notice posted on the website Nyc.Gov, apps are required to pay a minimum of $17.96 h/r or $.50 a minute while a driver is on the job before tips. A similar previously posted notice by Uber also addresses the pay hikes for drivers in the boroughs. Again this does not apply to people outside of the Big Apple.

For a full work-up on how this works visit this Yahoo Finance article.

Hope this helps folks.

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