New York City has introduced a mandatory minimum wage for all food delivery workers

New York City has formally introduced a mandatory pay rate for all food delivery workers in the 5 boroughs. It comes amid large pushes for people in various industries to get better treatment from their employers.

Officials in New York City have announced that beginning in a few weeks, food delivery workers in New York City will start seeing pay raises. According to reports, the city enacted the new policy in an effort to level out the lack of pay and lack of pay transparency within the industry. Starting 12 July, the rates will go up to $17.96/hour and nearly $20/hour by 2025.

“Our delivery workers have consistently delivered for us — now, we are delivering for them,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement announcing the new policy. “This new minimum pay rate, up by almost $13.00/hour, will guarantee these workers and their families can earn a living, access greater economic stability, and help keep our city’s legendary restaurant industry thriving.”

In New York City especially during the pandemic, food delivery workers were among some of the city’s heroes.

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