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Bazaar Express: Netanyahu vows no Palestinian state, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Ukraine, plus more stop stories by The Express

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express.

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re gathering in the virtual TV room to watch Lift starring Kevin Hart on Netflix. A caper movie about the heist of a lifetime, although, it comes with several strings attached and an epic getaway.

Rating: A+

2. Shocking new comments from Benjamin Netanyahu have once again set off a firestorm of criticism amid the ongoing Israeli war in Gaza that has killed scores of the region’s population with no end in sight.

According to PBS, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed that he does not support a Palestinian state and that Israel intends to take full security control of the area. This flies in the face of previous comments that Israel did not intend to do so which have now sparked even further criticism of Israel ‘s war in Gaza. It comes amid an ICC case against Israel which is attempting to charge Israel with genocide after a case was filed by South Africa.

3. Huge shock at Sports Illustrated today as news of huge layoffs spread.

According to reports, SI has been rocked by huge layoffs amid claims that the magazine failed to pay a license payment to those at the top. A statement released by the magazine’s union has addressed reports of its owner suspending the license to publish over non-payment.

“This is another difficult day in what has been a difficult four years for Sports Illustrated under Arena Group (previously The Maven) stewardship,” the union said in a statement. “We are calling on ABG to ensure the continued publication of SI and allow it to serve our audience in the way it has for nearly 70 years.”

4. Actor Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for a 2nd time in relation to the now deadly infamous shooting that took place on the set of Rust.

NPR reports that Baldwin is facing legal heat once more over his role in the shooting that took place on set of the movie Rust. Previously, Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case after Halyna Hutchins died following a rehearsal onset that involved a real gun instead of a prop.

5. Fascinating feat achieved for Japan except there’s one small problem.

Japan has achieved its latest efforts to land on the Moon except there’s one small problem: someone forgot to double-check the power supply. According to reports, Japan ‘s latest lander has landed on the Moon ‘s surface but researchers and their teams are having a tough time ensuring that the power station to the lander remains online.

6. The latest on Ukraine


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