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Israeli dictator Benjamin Netanyahu has managed to succeed in pulling off his latest hostile takeover effort. This week Israel formally passed a piece of legislation that all but shields Netanyahu from being removed from office.

The bill of course has been described by opposition leaders and critics as nothing more than an effort to limit how Netanyahu can be removed. This is important to remember in the event Netanyahu ‘s court decision ultimately were to decide he should be removed.

Out of a 61-to-47 final vote, the Knesset approved the bill that states that only the prime minister himself or the cabinet, with a two-thirds majority, can declare a PM unfit for office. But the decision must then be approved by a supermajority in parliament.

Netanyahu who is also under major criminal investigation for fraud has helped his religious-extremist government attempt to pass a series of bills meant to dramatically weaken the Israeli judiciary. In previous calls to American President Joe Biden, Netanyahu is understood to have claimed that the criticism is faulty and that he would soften his stance.

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