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Israel-Gaza Ceasefire: Here’s what to expect as *some* hostages are expected to be freed today by Hamas

It’s officially a new day in Gaza and that means the shaky ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli military is now underway. According to reports, the deal kicked off shortly after 7am locale time in the area.

A very fragile four-day temporary ceasefire between the two sides of the war is officially underway. In the ceasefire deal, Hamas is expected to release about 50 of its reported hostages most of them women and minors. In return, Israel is expected to release 150 women and minors currently held in Israeli prisons. Some reports suggest that Hamas has at least 10 known Americans in its captivity and per the group itself.

On Friday morning, Israel announced that the whole operation would happen in several phases as the world awaits to figure out who will emerge from Hamas tunnels of terror.

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