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Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express a nightly newsletter serving up the day’s biggest headlines and more (plus of course our juicy and sometimes family friendly TV recommendations.)

NYC ‘s Teachers Union has sued to stop Eric Adams widely panned budget cuts expected to also hit Dept of Education.

The powerful teachers union that oversees those in New York City filed suit this week against Mayor Eric Adams over his budget cuts that quite literally have been universally panned by just about everyone. In those cuts, Adams’ plans to slash the budget for the DOE which as noted in the suit would unfairly harm special needs students and things like after school activities (New York City is not quite the place where one would want their young kids running around alone so after-school programs are important.)

Elsewhere in the suit, the teachers federation argues that because the city’s revenues are up slashes to the education budget are actually illegal according to reports.

What’s on TV tonight?

As The Crow Flies because this is good like this is really good. A hint of drama; sabotage, a bit of backstabbing, and of course who doesn’t love a good cat fight on TV. As The Crow Flies serves up a story about an obsessed fan who formed a parasocial relationship with a very successful Turkish journalist she watched on TV. In the end, the line between fan and celebrity is so blurred it gets dark really fast.

*There are some non-kid friendly scenes in this one so this one might be better served once the children go to sleep guys and gals. Warning: This may be troubling for some because it may be triggering. There is a young woman in this show who experiences extreme mental health struggles some scenes may be allot for some viewers.

Rating: B+

Big setback for the Internet’s most annoying brothers out in Romania

Andrew and Tristan Tate have been denied an attempt to go to London after claiming in their human trafficking case that she suffered a heart attack. According to reports, a Romanian court decided that just wasn’t going to happen considering how sketchy the brothers have been in the past and the veracity of the charges against them. Both are accused of trafficking innocent women into Romania while both are also accused of raping numerous of those very women.

Here are the latest developments in Gaza.

  • Ongoing negotiations over ongoing aid to Gaza remain underway with a new resolution passed by the U.N as the weekend kicked off according to NPR.

Elsewhere in the world.

  1. A close ally of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has been freed by the United States.
  2. Pornhub owner to may $1.8m in trafficking case. Read about that here.
  3. Hamas has now claimed that there will be no more hostage negotiations until the war fully ends. Read about that by tapping here.

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