The Local: Congestion pricing is coming, Dems are getting a head start in fundraising to stave off GOP challengers, plus Trump will not be testifying in trial after all

Good morning New York City and don’t forget your jacket and travel umbrella this morning. Welcome to this edition of The Local.

  1. Donald Trump has reneged on his attempt to testify in the trial against him once more as former President’s tactics largely blow up in his face.

It appears the civil fraud trial against Donald Trump is absolutely not going his way. According to reports, Donald Trump has now said he will not testify again in the ongoing fraud trial against him in Manhattan.

“I have already testified to everything & have nothing more to say,” wrote Trump on his social media site Truth Social on Sunday.

2. Dems are getting a head start on fundraising as New York sees opportunities to fend off Republican challengers.

Following the expulsion of George Santos from Congress over his wild lies, Republicans have lined up in an effort to secure his seat out in Long Island. Democrats, however, along with other parts of the state have gotten their start on fundraising to defend old and secure new seats.

3. New York ‘s betrothed George Santos claims he is making more than 6 figures on Cameo but nobody is quite sure that is true.

Republican liar George Santos who largely used his political presence for his own personal and financial gain has turned his sights on Cameo. Cameo is a video platform where people otherwise can purchase personalized videos from their favourite personalities — but why Cameo allowed someone under federal indictment on their platform remains unanswered. Santos was seen out in New York over the weekend living it up with these supposed extra-dollars but no word yet on whether the feds intend to seize that money.

4. Not so fast on those budget cuts over at the Department of Education (well sort of.)

Even though they are supposed to be trimming the budget, the DOE has announced a new position has been added to its already loaded staff. According to reports, the department has added a Chief of School Leadership position. The new addition (and presumably high price tag) comes as Eric Adams previously ordered all departments to undergo budget cuts as the city struggles to pay for a migrant crisis it did not ask for.

5. Heads up friends the congestion pricing scheme is coming and people are not thrilled.

For a full explainer of the scheme and how it works head on over here. What a way to ensure MTA ridership because this is bound to blow up in Albany’s face and fast.

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