We’ve made some changes and it is the start of a new era — here’s what you need to know as Bazaar Daily moves to evolve

Dear friends,

Over the years, many of you have been around for our many revamps and changes. This time we’re thrilled to announce our biggest set of changes ever.

Beginning 1 December 2023, we began accepting sponsorships and media partners for the first time on record. This means that we are now more than ever able to prevent paywalls from ever becoming a part of our newspaper. Our audience has significantly grown this year and as a result interest in our newspaper is the highest its been since we launched Fashion Bzaar in primary school more than 20 years ago.

We are making changes because we want to further legitimize ourselves. We’ve spent the last year really connecting with our community in-person and online and were stunned to learn how many people actually read our stories.

With this we’d like to make a few things very clear and highlight a few others.

  • We retain full control of our user database. It has not been sold, never will be sold, and is totally off limits to the public and to advertisers. It cannot be purchased. No ifs no ands no buts.
  • Any deals we close do not include user data; account information, personal stuff, or anything of the like.
  • Our improved media partners help us bring relevant ads to you rather than those super annoying random ads that have absolutely no relevance to anything you’ve ever seen in your life.
  • Our media partners work the same as others always have. Ads will remain the same, usually in the same places, and of minimal nature.
  • Video advertisements will never be auto-playing. We hate those as much as anyone else.
  • If an ad appears that promises users something; a free download, a freebie of any kind, or something of this nature and users do not receive it. Please let us know we consider this spam and will immediately move to have the ad removed.
  • As usual, special treatment among advertisers is prohibited. Everyone is treated equally and is given a fair opportunity to purchase ads or ship us a proposal for a partnership via e-mail. Every proposal gets fairly reviewed by our committee.
  • None of our partners are allowed to run political ads in the United States. As we see them, we will ask that they be removed from inventory.
  • We in no way have sold shares; value, or anything of the nature in our news group or publishing house. We retain full ownership. These are simply partnerships. Just to be very clear, the same family retains executive power over Bazaar Daily as they did two decades ago.
  • Users can always report offensive ads. We take this seriously and will review all complaints and if we agree will issue removal orders to advertisers. We will always put our community before advertisers as we always have. As most understand, this is a business, however we will always do our part to find a middle ground that protects our users before we enter into any agreement with an advertiser. This was never about the money we ask that people please respect that. We truly love what we do here and the many adventures it has taken us on.

Content changes

Effective immediately, we no longer cover the following types of stories:

  1. Stories about the leaks of inappropriate photographs of celebrities.

As many know, previous versions of our magazine and their editorial teams were often known for their choice in publishing. Previous editions of Bazaar Daily were far more scandalous than this version ever was. Some of their content lingered around for a while but that was because there are so many articles in our database it has taken us a few years to sift through them all. We have removed all content containing unauthorized NSFW images of other people. On behalf of Bazaar Daily, we apologize for the actions of previous versions of this magazine. This was unacceptable and should not have been allowed.

2. Redaction Centre

Bazaar Daily is set to launch its first ‘Redaction Centre’ in January 2024. This centre to be found in our menu will feature any story we’ve edited; changed, were forced to change due to a legal complaint, or simply an error reported by a user or that we found. We want to maintain complete editorial transparency with our community going forward.

Acknowledging the existence of ‘Common’ aka The Common Room.

The Common Room is probably one part of Bazaar Daily that has sparked the most speculation over the years. The Common Room is our investigative reporting team that often assists us with major stories or headlines. If you’ve been around a while, you’re probably aware of exactly which headlines we’re talking about. This team is intentionally not identified not because they are funded by dark money, but because we’ve found they’re best able to perform their duties if they’re largely unknown. We do not often google ourselves but we are aware of some of the pretty interesting conspiracy theories about the group. They do not have the power to publish stories instead they bring verified vetted information to editorial.

Communicating with Customer Service

We’ve got some new faces around here. We’d like to remind people that kindness goes a long way. We take this very seriously and being completely frank are quite known to reject any deals from people who are known to be publicly mean or may be rude to us on the phone or via e-mail. Yes this actually happens we’ve gotten some pretty rude messages over time from people who are simultaneously asking to work with us.

Sponsored posts and marketing

While we do accept posts indicated as advertisements posts that are sponsorships are required by law to contain disclosures that we are receiving something at a discounted price; free, or whatever the set-up may be. We receive allot of e-mails that get these things confused. We do not have to mark advertisements as sponsored (although unless otherwise asked not to do so we indicate in some way that it is an advertisement.)

Posts that are clearly sponsorships must be marked we will not circumvent this law. This is serious business. This is not something that the people in suits play about. We’d like to not find out.

User Account access

the user account sign-up/log-in function may be temporarily down through December. Due to the growth we’ve experienced this year, we’re making some internal changes to protect our user database as it continues to grow. The user sign up page will be changing to serve a user-front-end page rather than the internal dashboard. Users will no longer be able to access the old user dashboard as we have transformed it into a better interface. This change will take indefinite effect by 1 January 2024. No privacy policy updates were required for this change.

We will update this page as we continue to make our annual changes as we do every year and any privacy pol requirements will be altered as we go along.

As usual we thank each of you for what this has become. Had you told us 20 years ago that we’d go on to transform our project into an entire publishing house — we probably would not have believed who told us that.

Happy holidays to each of you and your families.

The Collective

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