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New report suggests a 2nd Trump term would be partially inspired by the UK’s controversial Rwanda deportation legislation

As many continue to wonder exactly what a 2nd term of his would look like — a new report is out with attempts to do just that.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Trump and company together with policy writers and others are plotting a full-scale deportation operation. The operation, according to The Guardian, would be modeled after the UK’s controversial Rwanda Deportation Plan which was passed in 2022.

UK pols passed the legislation in response to an immigration increase though is far less draconian than many of the immigration measures proper by Trump’s far-right cabinet. Trump’s changes to immigration and deportation laws would also require other countries to take back their citizens who attempt to enter through the U.S. southern border illegally.

The U.S. has experienced a series of immigration increases over the past two years, however, it is being used as a political talking point so it is unclear just how serious it may be.

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