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How to apply to get an article removed from our newspaper

This has always been a thing but we’d like to remind people that we are always willing to take a second look at our stories. However there are some things to remember when it comes to this.

Things to remember:

We thoroughly vet all stories. Criminal stories can be requested to be removed however there are some exceptions. Stories about murder; rape, child and adult abduction, abuse of a woman, arson, hate crimes whether religious-based or identity-based, or anything that would fall into this category are not going to be removed. We consider this a serious crime and they are of public safety and interest. However, we understand that being in the press can hurt one’s life, and other things that are not in this category we are willing to review our stories on a case-by-case basis for removal so that we do not play a part in hindering somebody’s redemption efforts in their life.

A list of things we won’t remove:

  1. Domestic violence-related stories regardless of gender.
  2. Stories about murder; sexual assault and related the only circumstance in which this category gets edited or removed is if someone has been found lawfully not guilty, homicide, bank robbery, basically if it would be considered a felony and a serious crime there’s no chance we’re removing the story. It is of public interest usually at that point. If Olivia Benson and Stabler probably would’ve been assigned to the case, we’re not going to remove the story.
  3. Stories about financial crimes. This one is on a case-by-case basis and will only feature an edit by an editor with the updated information within the original story. We consider this a story of public interest. An example of this would be let’s say Anna Delvey.
  4. International scammers. Think of the Tinder Swindler. We’ve covered a lot of these over the years so many we’ve lost count.
  5. Stories about real estate agents or brokers who have broken ethics codes. This like the actual rules of Real Estate in most states would be considered a violation of public trust which is enormous in real estate.

The above goes without saying this also includes mass shootings; terrorism including state-sponsored terrorism, DUIs that result in serious bodily harm to another or a child, school shootings, and anything related.

The same also goes for story corrections. If you have verifiable evidence that we missed something or rather in a story and we can independently verify your claim we will happily add an editor’s note to the original story clarifying the report.

You can use the Contact Us page at the top of this newspaper to get in touch and we’ll take a look. We’d like to remind everybody that we are not here to be out to get anyone. However, sometimes we are aware that we end up publishing a story that can attract allot of attention.

We are fully aware of this and this is our way of making this fair for everyone and still maintaining the general idea of in the interest of the public.

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