With the arrival of artificial intelligence and chatbots on our platform, we are creating a user bill of rights to maintain the responsible use of AI

Understandably, articles about things that aren’t funny or news related are fairly boring. But in accordance with current and pending legislation, we are required to pen this article because the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots has arrived on our platform. This means that there are a host of changes coming to our platform, however, there are a few things we’d like to make clear about our use of artificial intelligence.

The use of AI is intended for:

  1. Customer service improvements. In the first 72 hours following the trial use of Ryder our chatbot, we saw our e-mail response times lowered by nearly 19%.
  2. Streamlining our relationship with customers. Ryder allows e-mails to be sent directly to editors rather than waiting for a response from customer service to then be transferred off to someone else.

What the use of AI on our platform is not intended for:

  1. We do not intend to use artificial intelligence to produce editorial content.
  2. We also do not intend to use it to build other forms of artificial intelligence. This is a pre-programmed AI chatbot that was built by WPBot.
  3. We are in no way rogue AI enthusiasts who intend to somehow aid the robot war on humans.
  4. Ryder is not intended to accept attachments. Folks will have to manually e-mail attachments once a human response is received. This is for security reasons as we don’t accept public uploads on our network.

As we continue to implement the use of AI the changes will be obvious. We will periodically update our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy where required as our AI use expands. Users can report any offensive responses by AI chatbots (or any other related AI resource on our network) by simply manually contacting customer service using the e-mail correspondence function on the top of this newspaper.

As we move forward with our plans to use AI, we will also be conducting a form of public comment period. As always, we have always communicated with our users whenever we may make major changes to our network.

One last thing. As the person responsible for this implementation, I want to make it clear that nobody lost their job to a chatbot or the use of AI. We devised this plan in a way that still requires human help no matter what to ensure that no robot replaced a human instead complimenting a human.

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