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Some expected changes coming to Bazaar Daily here’s what to know

Hello everyone,

As many may have noticed we’ve been hard at work trying to improve the UI and our overall user experience.

Some updates this weekend:

  • We are updating our terms of service on Sunday. We now reserve the right to rate limit traffic that we may detect to be nefarious. This is to protect our users and nothing more. Reminder: data is never sold nor is any information provided to us. However if we detect traffic that appears to be a security risk, we reserve the right to investigate.
  • We’ve deployed the use of traffic monitors. This is to help us identify specific countries where bad actors may be hard at work.
  • Login dashboards and user profiles are coming for the first time ever. In wake of social media changing, we’re building our own in house network and forum that will allow our community to collaborate and discuss and mingle with us online. Users also will be able to share funny updates; articles from other sources, and more. This will be located within the paper although this dashboard will have no access to the editorial department.
  • Email communications are effectively being suspended. Email communications will be reserved for tips and business opportunities. Otherwise, newly launched Bazaar Universe (that’s our lovely new customer service department) is available via the chat box on the homepage. Beginning 1 February, 2024 this will be the only way to contact customer support.
  • Phone support remains available for our other stores and ventures.
  • As mentioned in December, you may continue to see a security check at times during high traffic times. This is generally in the afternoon in America and in the evening in the UK. This is to ensure that all active visitors are safe. During high traffic hours, traffic monitors are deployed at all digital points of entry.
  • Moderation policy update: we are working on opening up our forum again now that we are still growing. However we want to get moderation right. But we want everyone to remember keep it classy or we will ban you. We are not going to play that game, yes we want you to express yourself freely and openly, but using that as an excuse to harass or demean another is strictly prohibited at Bazaar Daily.
  • Our Amazon store is relaunching this is a part of our monetization game plan. We have been looking for inventive ways to continue to effectively monetize ourselves that otherwise don’t include an advertisement. We found that product recommendations for real life products seem like a good fit. We are all real people and people love a good deal on essentials. But as always we don’t and won’t promote something we have not tried ourselves.. ever.
  • We are launching an internal store in the paper in the Spring. Relevant merchants; beauty stores, cosmetic brands, and more are welcome to apply. There will be a nominal £40/month storefront fee.
  • The Weather report has moved to the fancy squiggly menu on the top right corner. It made more sense to move it over there into a neat and tidy area. This is also where you’ll find headlines from Bazaar America.
  • On mobile devices, trending articles and such are located at the bottom of the homepage but in reverse on desktop. This is to better optimize mobile experiences for our readers.
  • The point of all this is to ensure we never have to enact a paywall. And as it stands, we have no reason to even consider such because our approach to monetization has largely been welcomed with open arms by our community.
  • We are working on a new project called Bazaar Kitchen. It is an interactive recipe maker that will be in the papers. People will be able to come together as a community and talk about food and share their favorite traditional and classic (and other exciting) recipes. This will eventually include grocery ads and deals at the market.
  • Horoscopes are coming! This is NOT a drill.


In regards to the advertisements right now, we are currently working with an expert to help us move them around so there are not so many and different sizes. This will be fixed by February 1st we’ve heard the complaints.

As we continue to update new changes we will announce them. Changes that are legally required to be announced will be announced at the top in the breaking news section and on social media.

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