Our latest editorial series is coming and it is almost certainly going to ruffle a few feathers

Our latest deep dive series is coming and it’s called The Dictator Olympics. The Dictator Olympics is an editorial series by Bazaar Daily publishing in December chronicling 20 of the world’s most notorious dictators and their regimes — and we’re starting with Nicaragua.

With this series, we hope to bring our readers a new lens on the world that there is far more than meets the eye to the world we live in — and how it is actually ran.

Because of the nature of this series, the names of journalists responsible for this series are not being publicly released. We’re shielding their names to protect them from any potential backlash over this series.

Our deep dive series originally launched in 2014 is one of our most popular online columns ever. In it, we dive deep into compelling topics; people, places, and things that we find interesting that we think others might also find interesting.


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