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Pardon the mess, we’ve been making some improvements behind the scenes

Dear readers,

As many of you may have noticed, our homepage portal looks a tad different than before. As always, we like to keep it transparent when changes are made in-house. In November, we signed a series of new advertisement deals to better serve our readers and ourselves as the publisher of this portal. Our new advertisements *never* play auto playing videos; have annoying sounds, or anything like that.

We’ve also made a series of changes to better serve our homepage. We have a new look to better optimize the experience for our users, and we’ve made several server improvements to improve overall load times.

No consumer data was provided to any of our new vendors or partners. We do not share information with third-parties and no advertiser has access to our newsletter subscriber list. We do not make money by selling user information, we make money simply by showing relevant ads in a newspaper many of you now read.

Like before, if at any time users notice an offensive ad we ask that you please notify us. These ads are not created by us and they are not chosen by us as they are displayed. However, as with all brand deals we reserve the right to suspend advertisements that are users report as offensive. So please tell us if this is noticed.

If at any time, the new vendors or partnerships request or attempt to request consumer data such is as always denied. We do not partner with third-parties that require access to consumer data because it is protected by the GDPR without express consent. Though as many are aware we’ve gone to express lengths to shield our users from advertisers for many years long before the GDPR became law.

We are so thrilled with the new partnerships that will better serve our community.

With care,

Bazaar Daily Team

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