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We have a new and secure way for readers to support our magazines and newspapers here’s what to know

As part of our ongoing improvements to provide security and transparency across our network we’ve improved the many ways people can support our online work. Starting immediately, we’ve deployed the use of Admiral to collect reader contributions and donations. This is not a paywall folks, Admiral has been deployed simply to help manage donations and securely accept payments on our behalf.

In the near future, however, we are working on offering the ability for people to pay for the upcoming ad-free version of our magazine. This is not at all required though those that wish to pay for the ad-free version will be able to support us via the Admiral button the blue button on the bottom right corner of this page to do so. Users will have full control over their account and information. The button allows people to login; view their subscriber information, and issue a donation of their choosing.

Users are still able to ‘Buy Us A Latte’ using the link at the top of our homepage. This is a secure network for online creators and writers to also obtain support from their communities. We have many online communities and all of these options are available to everyone. This helps us maintain our mission to permanately ban paywalls.

Bazaar Daily will remain free for those that do not wish to pay for the ad-free version and free for everyone. The option to upgrade to ad-free when it launches is completely voluntary. We will not force anyone behind a paywall we remain committed to our mission to avoid a paywall entirely.

We chose Admiral becuase it offers transparency and completely secure payment terms and confidentiality. Like with most things take user security very seriously and do not partner with people or businesses that do not also take these things very seriously. Your continued support means the world because we truly love the work that we do to keep people informed throughout our magazines and many newsletters.


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