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The new GOP Speaker of the House is exactly who you thought it would be, a lying insurrectionist destined to try to take people’s rights away

Rep Mike Johnson is officially the Speaker of the House after a long and contentious process. However, we wouldn’t be Bazaar Daily if we didn’t gather our American friends because yes Americans need to understand who this man is.

According to reports, Rep Mike Johnson has officially cleared the required number of votes to secure the role of House speaker. However, his ascension to power has brought his less than favorable voting record into the light. Voting records show that Johnson actively opposes any form of same sex marriage, and has long fought to impose a national abortion ban against the will of most women.

Where it gets dark…

As the story goes, according to The Guardian, Johnson ‘s voting record has caught the attention of Democrats. In several areas, Johnson is absolutely a member of the far-right and should be considered a danger to everyone’s rights if Republicans win their way.

Gay marriage

The previously passed Respect for Marriage Act did mot muster Johnson’s vote. Instead at the time, Johnson voted against as a member of the far-right who are actively trying to push their beliefs and agenda on others despite asking others not to do the same to them.

Fake 2020 election scheme to stash Donald Trump in power regardless of the consequences.

Johnson played an outsized role in the bizarre effort to overturn the legal 2020 Presidential election. According to his history, he was responsible for one of many wildly flimsy legal arguments that sought to give the GOP and Trump enough power to ask SCOTUS to overturn the results. There is a traitor in your House America.

Abortion rights

Do not be fooled by this Tom Cruise looking man. He has made it very clear in the past that he is staunchly anti abortion and supports a national abortion ban.

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