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Trump ‘s bribe; an inmates story, PLUS Gamestop’s Big Announcement – Newsletter

Lori1Gamestop is doing away with a big part of their rewards program; Donald Trump made an illegal bribe to a federal official, and a female inmate tells her shocking story — this is your Saturday Daily Newsletter. Gamestop is reportedly ending another chapter of its power-up rewards program once expirations are up this year.

  1. Donald Trump apparently…

Isn’t aware that bribing a federal official is actually very much against the law. According to USA TODAY, Donald Trump tried to bribe the acting head of the DHS (a pardon in exchange for illegally forcing the US/Mexican border closed).

1.5 Actress Lori Loughlin and hubby Mossimo …

Are about as dumb as they actually seem.  Two of the main faces in the now infamous college admissions scandal have refused to cooperate with prosecutors. In fact, documents show that the two have now been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. The couple is reportedly looking at up to 40 years in prison.

2. A prison inmate tells her story

In a heart-breaking op-ed for the Daily News, a female prisoner in jail for manslaughter revealed to The Daily News what life is like more than halfway through her sentence.

3. ASAP Rocky got down to his undies for Calvin Klein…

And the photos were pretty hot.

4.  National Husband Appreciation Day (US)

But we’re pretty sure that the UK can get in on the fun also.  In the U.S next week,  national husband appreciation day actually falls on 4/20.    So light up; hand it to your hubby, and have a great time.

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