The Evening: Trump loses yet another battle in New York, how a shocking discovery in NYC led to police an unimaginable discovery, plus what we’re watching on Netflix tonight

Good evening everyone the sunshine unfortunately went away but that just means rainy weather and plenty of movies. Let’s get into this evening’s biggest stories.

1. Donald Trump’s sale of his Bronx golf court to the folks at Bally’s is believed to be worth upwards of $100m.

According to reports, the Trump Organization’s sale of its Bronx gold course to Bally’s is believed to be worth about $100m. But given the recent rulings against the company, it is unclear just how much of that Trump would pocket. A New York judge recently ruled that the organization in fact for decades has committed numerous forms of fraud in New York.

Elsewhere in Trump’s universe, the recent ruling against him validating that he committed fraud will stand. According to the case, the fraud trial will begin as scheduled next week despite efforts to stop it from happening.

2. Elsewhere in New York a gun arrest is making headlines because it led the NYPD to a shocking discovery.

According to reports, the arrest of a man named Angel Alameada, 23, In Queens yielded one of the darkest discoveries the NYPD has probably seen in years. The arrest is understood to have originally occurred in November 2021, but an extensive investigation turned up the wild discovery. Reports indicate that they discovered an alleged satanic sex cult involving children and social media. The group now known as 764 was discovered because of the arrest and appears to use online means and social media to recruit vulnerable young people into shocking acts for online consunption.

3. The impeachment inquiries into Joe Biden to say the least aren’t going as planned for the GOP.


4. What we’re gathered around watching tonight is… drum roll please.

Fatale starting Hillary Swank and Michael Ealy. We’re not going to say too much but this was a wild movie. A dirty cop out for vengeance uproots an entire family’s life hiding her terrifying mental pyschosis.

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