Influencers have been accused of helping Shein glamourize its poor working conditions inside treacherous sweat shops

A group of influencers is facing backlash after they appeared in a series of videos for online clothing retailer Shein. In the videos, the influencers can be seen pretty much ‘glamourizing’ the poor conditions and awful sweat shop factories that Shein owns and operates.

Popular online retailer Shein is once again in the news for its alleged very poor working conditions that have been discussed in varying media reports over the years. This time the company is in hot water over videos it did with a series of influencers meant to ‘prop up’ its factories and warehouses shining them in a better light. The only problem with this is that no part of this whole plan landed well for those on social media.

It has long been known that Shein ‘s factories are hellish places to be. According to previously published investigations, Shein pays some of its warehouse workers about $20 a day; forces them to work 75 hour weeks, and rarely gives them just one day off a month. Chinese labour laws limit workers to just 40 hours a week.

“SHEIN is committed to transparency and this trip reflects one way in which we are listening to feedback, providing an opportunity to show a group of influencers how SHEIN works through a visit to our innovation center and enabling them to share their own insights with their followers,” the company said in a statement.

“Their social media videos and commentary are authentic, and we respect and stand by each influencer’s perspective and voice on their experience,” Shein continued. “We look forward to continuing to provide more transparency around our on-demand business model and operations.”

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